PlayStation 4 Slim on sale on September 15 and for 299 euros

Sony specifies the details of its smaller and quieter version of the game console, which replaces the current one.

After placing the number of PlayStation 4 units sold at 40 million, Andrew House, one of the main executives of Sony, has finally confirmed the existence of PlayStation 4 Slim at the PlayStation Meeting. In fact, the system has been presented as the new PS4, leaving aside any adjective in its official name as it will happen on other occasions. It will arrive in just one week, on September 15, and will have a recommended retail price of 299 euros.

Features? The main thing highlighted by Sony is the fact that it is a smaller and slimmer machine, as well as more efficient and silent. That said, it should be clarified that the Japanese company refers to this device as the new "Standard PlayStation 4", that is, it comes to replace the original system released in November 2013.

"Our creation and design teams collaborated to consolidate the PS4's high-performance technology into a smaller, more energy-efficient form factor. If we compare the new PS4 model to the current one, we have reduced the volume by 30%, the weight by 16% and consumption by 28%. Despite its elegant design, the new model incorporates the same powerful components that have made PS4 the best place to play, "they complete in a press release.