PlayStation 4 breaks Australian sales records in 2015

The market in the country of Oceania is becoming one of the fastest growing in recent times.

It is traditional that we frequently have sales data from markets as relevant as North America or the United Kingdom with a short periodicity and many details, however, more and more data is arriving on one of the countries that is growing the most in terms of our world: Australia.

According to the latest news made public by the prestigious NPD body for that country, throughout 2015 the PlayStation 4 video console was the most sold in the far away country of the antipodes, being responsible for 59% of the market share of the consoles of new generation and 49% of total software sales. Throughout the year, Sony's machine outperformed its most direct competitor by 82% in value and 84% in units.

According Sony AustraliaIn a data collected by the British portal VG247, the machine has broken all the sales records for PlayStation in Australia both in Christmas 2015 as a whole and exclusively in the month of December.