PlayStation 4 Neo is a reality; although it won't be at E3 2016

Sony confirms the existence of a "high-end" device.

The rumors this time were going in the right direction. Andrew House, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has confirmed the existence of a "high-end" version of the PlayStation 4 - currently codenamed Neo. It will be priced above $ 350 for the current system; and will not make an appearance at the fair E3 2016, to be held from June 14 to 16.

"The intention is to coexist and complement the standard PS4", explains the manager in an interview with the Anglo-Saxon portal Financial Times. "We will sell both [models] during the same life cycle. The new console, codenamed 'Neo', is aimed at hardcore gamers as well as users of 4K televisions looking for higher resolution, "he adds.

We want to make sure we have a range of experiences that show the system in its entirety. More information? Yes, House has also made official some of the rumors about the device that have appeared in recent months. "Everybody games will be supported with the standard PS4 and we anticipate that all or a large majority of them will also be with the high-end PS4 ", he explains as a result of the possible intergenerational problems between the hardware.

Now, why won't this review of the platform be presented at E3 2016? "We want to make sure we have a full range of the best experiences in the new system that can be fully displayed," he argues. Thus, the device does not currently have a launch window official, nor price beyond the above.