PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console in the United States in January

Sony's console would also top the list of the most popular games.

Alluding to the data provided by the consultant NPD Group, Sony says that PlayStation 4 has been the best-selling console in United States during the month of January, and also indicates that its platform is also a leader when it comes to the sale of games.

The Japanese have not shared specific details of the number of consoles sold in these early stages of 2016, although it is known that PS4 had sold about 36 million machines worldwide at the beginning of the year.

Taking into account NPD data, the income generated by the sale of consoles (desktops and laptops) has fallen by 15 percent to reach 157 million dollars, although one of the firm's analysts points out that this is due mainly to the price reductions on Xbox One and PS4.

The decrease in sales has occurred mainly in the machines of the last cycle, which have reduced their sales by 81 percent compared to the previous year. Sales of machines of "the eighth generation have decreased by 8 percent", they point out from the firm.