PlayLink adds new video games to PlayStation 4 today

Hidden Intentions, Knowledge is Power or SingStar mark the new social games from Sony.

Sony has celebrated the premiere of five new video games in the range Playlink in Playstation 4. The new additions will allow users to access a new catalog of titles with which to enjoy PS4 with the whole family through their phones and tablets. Taking advantage of the Christmas campaign, the Japanese developer has released today the Megapack PlayLink, which includes the games in a pack Hidden intentions, Knowledge is power, Singstar Celebration Y It was you!

Beyond the compilation pack, which allows you to access the new Singstar early, the range has added another game to the collection today, Thursday, November 23: Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, a cinematic adventure based on the mythical franchise of movies. PlayLink Producer Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain, Mario Ballesteros, has commented in a recent press release that "PlayLink is an innovative proposal within the sector, which adds a new and fresh game system that recovers the spirit of traditional social gatherings."

The present is not an unknown field for Sony, which triumphed in its day with proposals such as Singstar or Buzz. PlayLink tries to bring social gaming experiences like those mentioned to the new times, but it expands the genres beyond karaoke or quizzes: Hidden Intentions, for example, is a video game that will take us to live a police thriller developed by the creators of the successful Until Dawn, Supermassive. The Megapack PlayLink can be found from today in stores for 49.99 euros.