Phil Spencer drops that Xbox could sign more studios

Microsoft's top gaming executive hints that there could be more signings.

In recent times, and after acknowledging several times that the community asks for more exclusives for the Xbox One catalog, Microsoft has put the batteries in terms of swelling its ranks of internal studies. Ninja Theory and Playground Games, among others, were announced as acquisitions at E3 2018, and things have signs that it will not stop in the short term.

"I have been explicit that we needed an investment in internal studies, and at E3 we announced the acquisition of five new teams," acknowledged Phil Spencer, chief executive of the Xbox division, in an interview with the CNET portal. "I don't think we're done, far from it. People want to play great video games on our platform. "

Spencer also wanted to give his opinion on how our world progresses as a medium. "I see all this as an opportunity for which 200 or 250 million people want to buy a console, whether it be ours, Sony or Nintendo. Or even something else. We could talk about a figure that ends up reaching 2,000 million people playing video games. How can I activate the great content and stories that I see on my television, or on my PC so that they reach any screen on the planet? ", explained the executive, highlighting subscription models such as the one they offer themselves with Xbox Play Anywhere. "You just have to watch television. I think it is an interesting moment that lives with platforms like Netflix, HBO or Showtime."

"The content is consumed on all types of screens, even if it is designed for the largest one that is put on the wall. In video games it is the same. We have lived great stories, characters and worlds that have been fixed to certain screens by the possibilities techniques that are needed to visualize that content. And now we are at that moment in which we ask ourselves, how can these characters reach more and more people in this world? ".