Persona 5 and Total War: Warhammer perform well for SEGA

The Atlus JRPG has distributed 1.5 million copies worldwide.

The Japanese company SEGA has made public its economic data for the fiscal year recently concluded, and these are not too precise in terms of the amounts in millions of dollars that the Japanese company has entered, but they do leave us interesting numbers about its most recent launches.

For example, we have learned that the number of games that have sold all their titles in this time reaches 10.28 million units, with the new releases of this period consolidating at 5.24 million copies. Much of this is due to the 1.5 million games that Persona 5 has sold, while the numbers for Total War: Warhammer have not been made public with such precision, although we already know that it was a resounding success that has boosted it to become the fastest-selling game in the entire Total War series.

On the other hand, all this has encouraged the distributor to create more video games that become "global successes", and among them is its intention to "revive past IPs and actively use external intellectual properties".