Danger behind the wheel? GT Sport turns cheaters into ghost cars

One way to ensure safe driving in the new racing video game.

Polyphony Digital is committed to creating a compellingly competitive video game with its newly launched Gran Turismo Sport. Proof of this (and as our colleague Alejandro Pascual explained to us in his analysis), the insistence of the team when urging its users to contain their emotions on the circuit to avoid problems and crashes in the race is total. However, and as expected, many users have turned a deaf ear to this recommendation.

Outcome? One of the first decisions of the development team has been in the implementation of a system that detects the most unsportsmanlike players and turns them into drivers and ghost vehicles, unable to collide with their rivals on the road. It seems that the system is not final, and for the moment it is a precautionary measure that he hopes to improve in the coming months by finding new options that benefit the best players.

A Sony representative has confirmed to Kotaku that “Polyphony Digital continues to adjust and improve our system during the initial rounds of the season,” so it is to be expected that new elements will be added to these measures.