Path of Exile breaks player record with latest update

Grinding Gear Games' action and role-playing adventure increases its number of users by 40%.

Up to 112,800 players gathered on March 3 in the remarkable Path of Exile, the action-role-playing adventure of Grinding Gear Games, which with the release of its latest content update, 2.6.0., has broken a new record for online players. Even on Steam, with about 65,000 users, this free-to-play video game ranked as the third most popular game on the platform, only behind two heavyweights such as Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

As early as December of last year, Path of Exile experienced similar growth; Back then, its user base grew by 34%, now, with the arrival of Legacy, it has grown by 40%.

The perspectives could not be better for this video game that in summer opens an expansion of content, The Fall of Oriath, with a surprising variety of novelties. The Grinding Gear Games title is also preparing its landing on Xbox One.

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