Paper Mario the Origami King talks about creative restrictions at Nintendo and how they affected him

The Japanese company is not only protective with its out door contents.

It is known that Nintendo has always been very protective of its characters. Over the years, we have witnessed restrictions and conflicts related to the misappropriation of some of its content. Now, the developers of Paper Mario: The Origami King have confessed that some of these strict and protective attitudes are also present within the company.

Kensuke Tanabe, the game's producer, revealed to Video Game Chronicle that the standards used to design new characters in the Japanese company are very marked and it is difficult to get out of them: "Since Paper Mario: Sticker Star, it is no longer possible modify Mario or create original characters that touch your universe. That means that if we are not using them, we need to create new ones with designs that have no relation to other universes of the brand, as we have done with Olly or the paper bosses. "

These restrictions can be beneficial in straining creativity Kensuke Tanabe This restriction implies that probably classic characters like Koops, Baby Yoshi or Great Gonzales Jr. may not have so easy to reappear in current games under the new company rules. Although, on the other hand, Tanabe has recognized that forcing originality when building characters can be a beneficial aspect for the future of a brand used to reusing what has already been established: “I hope new creations shine and cause a lasting impression on players”.

Nintendo remains at the bottom of the cannon when it comes to its characters and their weight in the industry. A few days ago they affirmed that Mario is not Italian as popular belief suggested and that the beloved plumber, despite not residing in Japan, is Japanese”. For its part, Paper Mario: The Origami King is now available and you can read our analysis so as not to lose detail of everything you can find in it.

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