Overwatch: 22% of its players use integrated graphics

Blizzard praises the optimization work that has been carried out with its multiplayer shooter.

"Historically we always offer support for a large number of players." With this statement one of the engineers of Blizzard has come to praise the good optimization that its successful Overwatch presents on PC, where 22% of its regular players enjoy its exciting multiplayer action on teams with the integrated graphics card of the motherboard. It is not usually the usual, since they are not designed to take advantage of video games, but in this case, users can fight in this shooter at a rate of 30 images per second.

"It's something we always work on and it offers interesting benefits," says Ryan Greene, recalling that when the game was released, not many were enthusiastic about the low minimum requirements that Overwatch presented. "Over time", yes, "people are starting to appreciate it.We ran tests with all kinds of configurations, with different people, and we were amazed at how well it worked. "Blizzard released their action-shooter video game in May 2016, these are their minimum system requirements to run on PC.

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