Overkill's the Walking Dead delayed on consoles to 2019

The PC version is still scheduled for November of this year.

In the past E3 2018 we had the opportunity to finally see and test the long-awaited Overkill's The Walking Dead, confirming its release date: November 8 of this year. However, the team of Overkill has announced that the console version will arrive later than expected in February 2019.

The publisher, 505 Games, has made this decision to simultaneously release the physical and digital versions of this cooperative action adventure, in order to "optimize the impact of marketing and maximize sales." This video game based on The Walking Dead universe keeps its PC release date intact, in early November.

Inspired by the work of Robert KirkmanAs we told you in our first impressions of Overkills The Walking Dead, in this cooperative action video game we must team up with three other players to survive the dangerous hordes of the undead, as well as other humans with a thirst for blood.