Outlast 2 for Nintendo Switch is seen in a video gameplay

Today it debuts with the new Story Mode, also available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The fantastic Outlast 2 just premiered on Nintendo switch, and we already have the first gameplay videos that show how this horror video game looks on the hybrid console, after the good results that the original produced weeks ago.

Red Barrels recently highlighted that adapting the first Outlast and its sequel to the Nintendo Switch took a few weeks, applauding the ease with which the Kyoto's new machine can be worked on. The result is commendable as both horror adventures look phenomenal on the hybrid console, conversions virtually identical to those already available on other platforms.

Outlast 2 launches on Nintendo Switch along with the new Story Mode, also available on other systems as a free download, which allows you to enjoy the adventure "with minimal challenges, fewer encounters against enemies and more areas to take a break to dive into totally in this universe ", reads the official description of this game mode that is very similar to the one that Frictional Games adopted with the Safe Mode of its great SOMA.