Oure, a beautiful contemplative adventure, makes a surprise release on PS4

Its creators want to offer a "unique and dreamlike experience of freedom".

Presented and ready for sale! The beautiful adventure Oure was unveiled yesterday, during Sony's press conference in the framework of Paris Games Week, and PS4 fans can already get hold of this title] which promises to provide a "unique and dreamlike experience of freedom ".

In this game developed by the independent studio Heavy Spectrum, we play a child who, in a fantasy world in the skies, discovers that he can become a dragon that attracts the power of the clouds. In this adventure we will have to discover the origin of these powers while we enjoy an adventure that will delve into "themes and experiences that we all live as we grow up."

"The game is non-violent and is intended to be a contemplative experience with moments of [b] drama and mental challenge, in the hope of creating something unique for players who want a break from the experiences of blockbuster games," comment the authors of Oure, a video game that can be purchased for 19.99 euros.