Onrush showcases their crazy careers in a new trailer

The video game is being developed by the creators of Driveclub or MotorStorm.

The new of Codemasters, ONRUSH, has presented a new trailer in which the developers have shown the benefits of the speed video game, which will elevate off-road racing with crazy circuits and all kinds of impossible maneuvers by motorcycles and cars of all kinds to a new power. type.

Of course, all the rivals want to win the race, and they will not hesitate to trip the rest of the competitors during the championships themselves. Although anything goes in the fanciful circuits of Onrush, players will also be able to choose different alternatives when competing in each of the video game's races.

OnRush is coming to PS4 and Xbox One next 5th June. A few days ago at 3DJuegos we had the opportunity to play OnRush, the vitaminized MotorStorm from Codemasters and Evolution Studios.