OnLive goes live in the UK

120 video games now available between £ 1.99 and £ 39.99.

Since this morning it's on OnLive in the UK, with 120 video games available including titles such as Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Borderlands, Homefront, Deus Ex: Human Revolution or DiRT 3.

In addition there are also veteran titles such as Defense Grid: Gold, the first Supreme Commander and titles that will be released in the coming weeks such as Football Manager 2012, Civilization V, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition or Saint's Row: The Third.

At the moment not all the options that are available in North America have already arrived in the United Kingdom, but for now there are a good handful of them available, with a price policy that will range between 1.99 pounds and 39.99 between one and other video games.

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