One Piece: Burning Blood finalizes its Japanese release in April

This fighting game will allow us to use the last of Luffy's combat techniques, only seen at the moment in the manga.

The latest issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Jump confirms that the fighting game One Piece: Burning Blood for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita will be released in the Japanese market on April 21 at a price of 7,800 yen in the case of the Sony desktop , and 6,800 yen for the laptop.

It has also been confirmed that Monkey D. Luffy He will be able to use his devastating Gear Fourth combat technique, which at the moment has only been seen in action in Eichiro Oda's manga.

It is expected that on December 19 and 20 new details of Burning Blood will be revealed, as this Bandai Namco title will be present at the traditional Japanese event Jump Festa.