Numantia for PS4 as a gift at Numancia - Real Madrid in Copa del Rey

The subscribers of C.D. Numancia de Soria will be opting to get a copy of the video game for the January 4 game.

On January 4 a new round of the Copa del Rey football in our country, and C.D. Numancia de Soria has been paired with Real Madrid in a tie that plays its first game on January 4. Soriano team subscribers will receive a succulent gift if they buy a ticket to watch the game at the Los Pajaritos Stadium.

This is Numantia in its PS4 version, which will be offered free of charge in order to commemorate the 2,150th anniversary of "this legendary city and its history", and which was launched with the support of the initiative PlayStation Talents. There will also be a presence of the program on the billboards of the soccer team's stadium.

The turn-based strategy video game was released on Xbox One, PC and the PlayStation 4 itself on October 25 of last year 2017.