New details of God of War combat and mechanics

We can improve all our skills and equipment.

The imminent PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War is not only a great change in the way the games in the series are considered, but also dares to put new combat mechanics on the table and bet on something closer to the RPG, with craftable and upgradeable weapons and armor, as well as abilities. The coverage of the Game Informer portal this month leaves us with some new details in this regard, collected by the ResetERA community.

As we can read from this source, it is possible create and upgrade weapons and armor different for Kratos and his son Arteus, as well as improving their respective abilities. The equipment creation system has not been deepened, but we do know that in the case of Leviathan, the ax of our bald protagonist, we can apply special runes to modify the behavior of the weapon in light and heavy attacks. It seems that, even with a varied arsenal, the ax and the shield will take center stage in the game.

In this way, once we are in combat, we can use the shield both to hit and to protect ourselves and repel attacks in the popular 'parry' technique. The ax, for its part, in addition to hitting, can be thrown at enemies and freeze them: we will have to call it back to our hand with a button. It will also be important to note that some enemies have specific weaknesses, and some can be very resistant to the ax. Arteus will help his father in combat as an extension of his arsenal, with a partial control that will allow us to use it in some combos. The rest of the time, he will stun enemies with his bow to make it easier for Kratos to execute. Still, we will not be able to jump or swim; the family will use a boat when the situation calls for it, and the exploration will be more interactive.

God of War is coming to PS4 sometime yet to be confirmed in early 2018.