New item discovered in Fortnite: the Hot Chili

This new type of consumable will give you a speed boost for a while.

It does not seem that Epic Games is doing well hiding the surprises on the way for Fortnite: In the long list of weekly challenges and weapons leaked among the game files, the 'dataminers' of the community have discovered a new consumable item in the update 5.21, which will probably not take long to make its debut in the popular battle royale: the Spicy Chili (Chili Pepper in the original version).

The effect of this item is in line with what you would expect from a shield potion, sherbet, or even meteorite fragments from a few months ago. By consuming it, it gradually recovers some health and shields, and also temporarily increases our speed. Of course, Epic Games still has time to modify the object or its plans to launch it, so we will have to stay attentive to the news of Fortnite to know when it arrives.

There is also speculation that Chili Picante is actually the sauce for the iconic Durr Burger, which had also been discovered days ago. Perhaps it is also linked to soda and other food consumables (junk) found even earlier.