New mystery in Fortnite! An indestructible hatch appears

Some scribbles in its back area do not allow us to know what is hidden inside.

TO Epic games loves playing with Fortnite fans. If during the last weeks the players of this successful battle royale did not stop looking at the sky before the possible impact of meteorites, now the creators of the Unreal saga have added a new mystery to their free-to-play action game: it has appeared a strange trapdoor in the Alameda Aullante, without it being known at the moment what is hidden inside.

Without the option of destroying the trapdoor, which inevitably leads us to remember the television series Lost, as shown by the IGN portal on its back you can see some illegible scribbles that have not been made sense to date either. A Reddit fan, using the replay system, has positioned the camera in such a way that it has gone through the hatch, noting that so far there is nothing inside this strange bunker.

What surprise does Epic Games have? It only remains to wait to discover the mystery behind this indestructible trapdoor.