Our favorite soundbars for gaming making the most of TV sound

We present several models of this peripheral for under 260 euros.

If there is something that modern televisions and monitors tend to falter, possessing immense image quality; it is the absence of a good sound quality that enriches our games. When we are near the screen or equipment, headphones are the best option to deal with the problem in a simple and effective way; especially on desktops, where monitors reign.

In the event that we do not want to depend on this accessory, or its use is not comfortable, perhaps the option of a sound bar may be more interesting, a functional and simple accessory that can give a lot of life to the sound of a television with unattractive speakers. Today we want to talk about this peripheral, briefly name some of its benefits and comment which are the models that we like the most.

Why go for a sound bar?

- Image: Samsung The peculiarity of a sound bar is its form factor, from which it gets its name; they are nothing more than a collection of small or medium-sized speakers in a single wide cabinet. Thanks to this wide box in which they are accommodated, they have the property of emitting sound directly, in a much more successful way than most current televisions and monitors.

Due to the target audience, these peripherals have traditionally kept a low price compared to other audio solutions of higher price and sound quality, but that makes them a simple investment for the average user; especially when placed in small open spaces, where a surround sound arrangement might not shine as it should.

Consisting of one or two pieces, the sound bars are perfect for those who want to keep things simple In addition to this, there are many sound bars that, in addition to their usual arrangement, choose to add a subwoofer to increase the bass that the speakers small in size that they tend to carry on a regular basis they cannot reach without unduly distorting the sound; a feature that video games, with eminently explosive sound effects in many titles, greatly appreciate.

In any case, we could list the benefits of this peripheral for its players in its relative low price, ease of configuration and good capacity to favor the sound in our video games with respect to the default options on our screens.

What should we take into account before getting a sound bar?

Image: LG

When we look at the elements that we must take into account when choosing a soundbar that is suitable for us gamers, it is easy to see the similarities with respect to the guidelines we follow when making a purchase of desktop speakers for a purpose Similary.

The main thing is to check the physical space we have before deciding whether to opt for this or another proposal; Sound bars shine especially in layouts that have the TV as the centerpiece and don't have enough space to accommodate a large number of speakers. This, in the case that the sound bar is prepared to emulate surround sound - either due to its internal distribution or other technologies - goes from being a recommendation to being a requirement.

Image: Sony

In terms of the number of speakers, their physical size and the range they cover is also a factor to take into account when purchasing one of these devices; even more so to determine its special characteristics - its ability to emulate surround sound, or the directionality of its speakers would be two good examples - that can make the difference between a good experience and a mediocre one.
In summary, the best advice before getting a sound bar is to understand the distribution of the space of the room where we want to place it, check how it treats the sound and, of course, look for the best possible quality.

Our selection of sound bars

Finally giving way to the models that we like the most within this family of peripherals; we will continue, as usual, a distribution based on ascending prices, starting with the most humble models and ending with the wealthiest. We like all the models for different reasons, which we will briefly comment on, pausing on each of them.

Snowdon II

In the event that your budget is low, but you still want to opt for a certain improvement with respect to the standard audio of a television, the proposal of the Majority company seems interesting to us due to its connectivity and characteristics in a frame below 60 euros; a price around which this model is often seen. If it is higher, our next proposal would be more interesting.

Buy Snowdon II for 54.95 euros

Creative stage

In the same line as the previous proposal in terms of price, but with better features and specifications we have the Creative Stage. It is a sound bar accompanied by a subwoofer - an extra that we appreciate very much to play - that stands out, in addition to its low price, for its good connectivity and its plethora of sound modes. Together with our next model, it seems to us one of the most interesting proposals currently below 100 euros.

Buy Creative Stage for 79 euros


Our pick for gamers who want to keep the price low and improve the sound quality of their televisions. Although it has been on the market for some time, this bar has a very good configuration and equalization capacity, compatibility with a multitude of formats that video games and movies are going to take advantage of and, in general, a simple configuration and set-up.

Buy LG SJ2 for 99 euros

Sony HTSF200

Already exceeding 100 euros, we want to highlight the Sony HTSF200 model for its compact format and its characteristics. It is a bar with an integrated subwoofer to reinforce bass without taking up additional space, with a good number of sound modes and possible configurations, which shines especially in games and movies; although it fades slightly after certain volume levels in audio sources with very marked highs.

Buy Sony HTSF200 for 159 euros

Yamaha YAS-207

The most expensive soundbar on our list and the most we'd be willing to spend before we go a step further and start thinking about low-end hi-fi. The YAS-207 stands out for its characteristics and peculiarities; Of all of them, we would highlight that it is a bar that tries to emulate surround sound through virtualization and the intelligent use of its transducers, even despite having only two main sound sources. We believe that the result is good, it satisfactorily accompanies the quality of its sound and its other characteristics.

Buy Yamaha YAS-207 for 249 euros