Nomura reflects on what the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 will mean

3DJuegos spoke with the Square Enix at E3 2018 about the end of Sora and company.

The robot battles in the Toy Story world we experienced at the Kingdom Hearts III premiere, the sleigh sections of Frozen or the recently shown Pirates of the Caribbean ship battles… will we have a special game mode in each of the worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3? Tetsuya Nomura attended 3DJuegos at E3 2018, and was able to talk to us about the present possibility.

It seems that there will be no special game modes for all worlds, but it does guarantee surprises for users: "Not that every world will have a special game mode, but I think that, compared to past games in the series, there will be something unique in each of the worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3 ", he guaranteed," I think there will be different ways to enjoy each of the phases that we have created for the new adventures of Sora and company. "

We also wanted to know what it meant for the artist to put an end to a franchise that began its journey in the PlayStation 2 generation. Against all odds, he explained to us that "I don't feel like that much time has passed ... many people tell me that They've been waiting 10 or 12 years since Kingdom Hearts 2, but for me it's like it hasn't been that bad. We have released, more or less, a Kingdom Hearts game every one or two years, but I feel like we're putting an end to it. to the saga ".

He passed the ball to the user when facing his feeling when closing the now mythical adventure of Sora, Donald and Goofy: "More than my feelings, I am more interested in how the players feel or what they will think at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 I wonder what they want: Will they think about a break? Will they ask us for something completely new? Will they want more Kingdom Hearts? It's what I really care about the closing of the series. "

Don't hesitate to know what awaits you on January 29, 2019 at the controls of Kingdom Hearts 3. We tested it at E3 2018! I tell you together with Juanem from 3DJuegos México our impressions.