Noctis from Final Fantasy XV will fight in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

A joint effort between Team Ninja and Square Enix for PlayStation 4.

As in the previous Dissidia for PSP, Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT features some of the universe's main protagonists and villains Final fantasy in a battle that transcends the timelines and universes of the franchise itself. Taking advantage of the conference Sony, it has been announced that Noctis, protagonist of Final Fantasy XV, will be one of the fighters of the video game.

Square enix has shown a new trailer in which we can see the progress of the prince, his allies, rivals and some of his movements. Production is being developed between Square enix Y Koei Tecmo, with the Team ninja as its main creators. It will offer battles in three-dimensional environments starring the magic and typical abilities of the universe Final fantasy.

It premiered with great success on Japanese arcades a little over a year ago and has been adding new content ever since.