You don't like linear games? God of War Director Replicates EA

Cory Barlog defines the editor's comments as "complete nonsense."

Following the controversial closure of Visceral Games, one of EA's main financial managers wanted to justify the company's decision by claiming that "people don't like linear games as much as they did 5 or 10 years ago" and, in essence, that was one of the reasons why chose to change the course of the Star Wars video game in which the creators of Dead Space worked.

Already in the past the director of the new God of War for PS4 was contrary to the words of EA; "It makes me sad when the word 'linear' is considered a bad thing," he said. Cory Barlog, and once again the creative has jumped to the fore to refute the latest statements from Electronic Arts.

"'My God, EA, that is complete nonsense!", He wrote on Twitter in relation to the last words of Blake Jorgensen.