Nioh debuts multiplayer PvP with its new update

The Team Ninja video game also adds new female appearances.

After facing the demons… it's time to fight other players! Thanks to its latest free content update, the fantastic Ni-Oh has just added the long-awaited mode competitive multiplayer which gives the opportunity to measure forces against people from all over the world in challenging 1 vs 1 duels as 2 vs 2.

The update also incorporates the female appearances so requested by some users, as well as two new guardian spirits, more abilities, emotes, titles and additional items. Finally, this patch, which has an approximate weight of 6.3 GB, recalculates the skill level of existing players.

In addition to this update, the action video game of the Team ninja has also released a new paid DLC, The Dragon of the North, which will confront us with the historical character of Masamune Date in the Oshu region. There, there will be new enemies to deal with as well as additional weapons to deal with demons.