Nintendo recommends avoiding the use of alcohol to disinfect the Switch

Doing so could damage the surface of the console.

One of the many consequences of the global health crisis has been the proportional obsession with cleanliness, especially in portable electronic devices, which are in constant contact with the hands. With that in mind, logic would indicate the use of alcohol as an antidote to restlessness, but Nintendo has warned of adverse effects when using it on the Nintendo Switch.

Plastic parts can fade or deform "Recently, some customers have asked about the use of alcohol on the Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con," acknowledged Nintendo via Twitter on April 9. "We are very sorry, but avoid using alcohol as the plastic parts can fade or deform," he added.

It is important to note that not all forms of alcohol are corrosive to all forms of plastic, but the combinations are numerous and there are companies like Apple that have clarified that their computers tolerate 70% pure isopropyl alcohol, although Nintendo suggested the use of cloths dry and soft to remove dirt.

The problem is that here we do not always talk about dirt per se, but about contamination that can be invisible. The natural alternative would be soap and water, but given the recommendation to use a dry cloth, the question is how to disinfect the device. To solve it, you can consult our special on the subject.

Like all companies, Nintendo has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, but the company has taken steps to support its collaborators, as well as healthcare professionals.

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