Nintendo could have canceled development of Eternal Darkness 2

Silicon Knights financial problems would have motivated this decision.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Although the development of Eternal Darkness 2 for Wii U, it had been assumed for some time that Silicon Knights He worked with Nintendo in the creation of this long-awaited horror title that, unfortunately, could end up not seeing the light of day.

The trigger for this decision would have been the negative result of Silicon Knights in their judicial encounter against Epic Games, which has resulted in a sentence worth $ 4.45 million that Blood Omen's parents must pay to Epic.

"What Nintendo has seen is that they would need to pay about 10 million more dollars to the company so that it could survive after going through the courts and finishing the game, but they do not seem to be willing, since they would not get any extra benefit", has commented on the source of the rumor on the NeoGAF forums. "It looks like Eternal Darkess 2 is canceled for now."

The cancellation of the project could end up killing Silicon Knights, which after the discreet results obtained with its last games, is going through a difficult economic situation.

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