Nintendo expects to have four mobile apps by 2017

Miitomo and Super Mario Run are two of them; the remainder could be the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games.

Before the end of March 2017 Nintendo expects to have at least four mobile applications on the market, according to the veteran Shigeru Miyamoto, which already anticipates that two of them are Miitomo, available for a few months, and Super Mario Run, which will be released on iOS next December.

"We have repeated on several occasions that we have plans to launch approximately five mobile applications by the end of the fiscal year [March 2017], including Miitomo," the Japanese creative said in an interview with Time. But considering "the market conditions and the development process of each title," continues Miyamoto, "our current plan is to launch a total of four mobile titles in this period."

It has not specified the name of the two games that would remain to be presented, but since Nintendo already announced that it was working on the adaptations of Fire emblem Y Animal Crossing to the world of smartphones, the logical thing would be to think that it is about both titles, recently delayed at the beginning of 2017.

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