Nintendo DS celebrates 15 years in Europe and these are 8 hidden gems that you may not know

The famous Nintendo laptop featured great games that not everyone knows about.

Although it seems like yesterday, Nintendo DS has been with us for no more and no less than 15 years. Because it was a March 11, 2005 when it arrived in Europe, just a few months after landing in Japan and the United States. A console that soon became a true mass phenomenon thanks to both its commitment to the double screen and its video game catalog.

The console had licenses that could not miss the party: Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros ... But also with a good range of titles of those that are not always remembered for having reached the place they deserved. Those we usually call "covered". So today, to celebrate the anniversary, we have decided to take a look at some games that cannot be forgotten.


Contact Few titles claim to be reminiscent of the mythical Earthbound. Grasshopper's JRPG was very quirky in playable terms, despite its classic nature. A young adventurer and scientist new to a world he shouldn't be in is more than enough to start an unforgettable story. Highly recommended if you like the genre, but you are tired of those premises that we have already seen so many times.


Avalon Code Matrix Software has some baggage in the genre: it worked on the Nintendo handheld adaptations of Final Fantasy III and IV and various RPGs that tend to get out of the ordinary. And this proposes us to enter a world condemned to the end of time with the intention of writing a better future thanks to the Book of Prophecies. Its main attractions are the real-time combat, complex character development and exploration mechanics.


Aliens Infestation Many fans regret that the franchise does not have as many quality video games as it surely deserves. So we have chosen to recommend that you try one that is not particularly popular, but that is not bad at all. Developed by WayFoward, this adventure takes us to the events that occurred just after the first movie. Its formula never fails: exploration and action in a highly recommended metroidvania.


Luminous Arc The title of Epoch and Atlus is not exactly the least known on the list, but it never hurts to claim their quality. Strategic combat in the purest Final Fantasy Tactics style, a war between dragons, witches and God, and a soundtrack that has the hallmark of Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Xenogears ...) What could go wrong? A balanced title, in which story, combat system and soundtrack grating at a good level.


Lux-Pain If you like proposals like Hotel Dusk Room 215, Ace Attorney or 999: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors, you should not miss the opportunity to try the Killaware adventure. Its main incentive is the dark tone of the story, which is born as a result of a wave of mass suicides that we must investigate while the weeks go by in the institute and we are strengthening ties with countless characters


Henry Hatsworth in The Puzzle Adventure It is not a great unknown, but not popular enough for how original it is. Platforms and puzzles are two genres that never go out of style, why not unite them in a single title thanks to the double screen? That's what EA Tiburon must have thought. Specifically, the group of just seven people who executed the idea. Above, traditional platforms. Below, addictive puzzles, and both proposals perfectly connected.


Nostalgia A JRPG that every lover of the genre should experience. Set in the 19th century and starring the son of a British explorer, the Matrix Software (Alundra) adventure is classic as it is on its own: turn-based combat, labyrinthine dungeons and high doses of exploration on a journey through a dark vision. London infested with monsters. Kidnappings, conspiracies and other elements worthy of any investigation by Sherlock Holmes.


Scurge: Hive This game also made it to the Game Boy Advance, although the technical differences between the two versions are anecdotal. Its protagonist is called Jenosa Arma, but she could be called Samus Aran. And it is about a bounty hunter who has her own spaceship. Despite the isometric view, its mechanics (exploration, backtracking, shooting ...) perfectly emulate Metroid, the legendary Nintendo franchise.

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