Nintendo 3DS still has video games from Nintendo and other firms to announce

The Kyoto laptop still has surprises to offer in the future. It won't be at E3 2016.

As the hours go by, new details of the meeting with shareholders that it has had are revealed Nintendo some days ago. A transcript of the results they made has offered interesting clues to follow about the immediate future of Nintendo 3DS, a portable console that is still far from closing the video game tap for its users. There are still first and third-party titles that have not been made known to the media and the general public.

The first objective is to continue the success of the platform in Japan in the West in addition to trying to broaden the demographic spectrum: "Our strategy for Nintendo 3DS in the fiscal year ending in March 2017, will be to revitalize the platform by launching great video games and broaden our demographic sights to everyone, including women and young consumers. The user base in Japan is already quite saturated compared to other countries, making it more difficult to sell new hardware to new consumers. "

The interesting part of the results came when talking about the future video games that are expected for the Nintendo laptop and the users who have already had the machine for years: "For our installed base of players, there are still many great games to be announced by third-party companies. In addition, there are many unannounced first and third-party games that are still in development. As in Japan, there are many video games yet to be released in the United States. "

No clues were offered about the games that are yet to come, but they did show a list with the video games that will arrive in the next dates: Phoenix Wright 6, Sonic Boom Fire & ICE, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, Dragon Ball Fusions, Mighty No .9 or the Pokémon Sun and Moon were mentioned on the sheet. When will the games be seen? In the E3 It seems not: Nintendo confirmed yesterday that it will use its presence at the American fair to focus on the new The Legend of Zelda.

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