Nights of Azure presents its reservation incentives and its limited edition

The role-playing adventure details what to do in the game's hotel mode in a new video.

Gust Studios' upcoming role-playing adventure, Nights of Azure, faces its final two months before its release on Playstation 4 April 1. In this sense, the production has opened its reservation period giving the possibility of getting an additional support character, Gust-chan, which can be used in battle unlike the rest as well as a custom theme inspired by him and two more for PS4 with artistic images of the title.

Nights of Azure promises a story based on a land plagued by a plague of blue-blooded demons and a beautiful protector: Arnice. This protagonist will not always be walking the streets in search of combats, she will also rest in a hotel where you can shop and prepare for the inevitable arrival of the next night.

As can be seen in the videos of the news, there you can buy a wide variety of equipment and, once part of the adventure is completed, negotiate with Lloyd for special assignments with a merchant, as well as receiving special missions from Simon. Finally, this enclosure will serve as an entry point for the Arena mode.

Likewise, the production will have a limited edition to be obtained from the NISA Europe online store with a copy of the adventure, a 145x50cm fabric poster, a hardcover art book, the soundtrack and five printed illustrations.