NieR Automata is featured in various gameplay videos

Square Enix and Platinum Games also introduce us to some of their main characters.

During the NieR Music Concert & Talk event, the team of Platinum Games Y Square enix have shown several gameplay videos of their long-awaited action adventure NieR: Automata for PlayStation 4.

They have also used the occasion to talk about some of the new characters that we will meet in the adventure. One of these responds to the name of YoRHa No.9 Type S, who has been described as kind but also somewhat childish. His specialty is gathering information using his hacker skills.

On the other hand we have A2, also known as YoRHa Type NO. 2, which seems to carry a strong character and hatred "from the past." She is specialized in hand-to-hand fighting, is not very talkative and usually acts alone. Platinum also highlights that it is the most veteran android of all, since it was already operational before the production of the 2B and 9S models.

Of 2B It was already talked about in the past; a skilled fighter with the handling of knives and also pistols and other long-range weapons. A blindfold covers his eyes because he uses a combat visor to better detect enemies.

During the event it was also confirmed that the original NieR will debut on the service. PlayStation Now, for the moment at least only in the Japanese market.