Ni-Oh will expand soon with the long-awaited versus mode and its first DLC

Dragon of the North will be the first of the expansions announced by Koei Tecmo.

Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor Y Bloodshed's end are the three contents announced by Koei Tecmo for his season pass of Ni-Oh, his most recent hit signed by the Team ninja. As announced by the publishing company, the first downloadable material will be released on the PlayStation Network next may 2. The American portal Gematsu also explains that accessing this content in Japan has been settled at 3,000 yen, although a price has not yet been specified in the West.

Koei Tecmo has taken advantage of this announcement to specify that the expected versus online mode will arrive via free update for all users the same may 2. It will allow players to engage in violent and demanding battles to the death. Dragon of the North It will grant access to new Japanese territories in the north of the country, which will translate into new enemies, screens, weapons and characters to be able to take advantage of for the next PVP premiere.

NiOh has been one of the great surprises of the present 2017. Its launch was effective last February 8th exclusively for Playstation 4. The success of the production has led to Koei Tecmo to think of a hypothetical sequel to the video game.