Ni-Oh will not lower its tremendous difficulty in the final version of the video game

Team Ninja believes that although there are complaints about it, most users enjoy it.

Ni-Oh It has been one of the most surprising proposals in recent times from Japan. The production of Team ninja It has one of the most demanding difficulties in recent years, and although the company knows it, they also ensure that "we are not going to add anything that makes enemies weaker or users more powerful," said its creative director, Tom lee, to the American medium Gamespot.

Regarding future changes to the base of the game, the Team ninja guarantees that "any changes will be made to adjust the difficulty. Some people have said that the difficulty is too high, but the vast majority have given positive feedback. We are adding skills that can bring new options to the player. We want them to learn them so that feel rewarded for it ".

What they have focused their effort on is the production point of view. They are committed to having a perfect view of the action at all times: "A bad camera makes the game cheat. We don't want to go in that direction. We want to make sure and take the necessary time on camera elements. We don't want you to waste the track of the enemies never again. The gameplay will not be unnecessarily complicated. "

Is the game unclear? They hope to be able to add elements that help the user to understand all the mechanics that they have at their disposal to be able to reach a successful conclusion in Ni-Oh. Lee confessed that "we felt that some of our mechanics needed to be explained and we want players to be aware that they are available to them. We want them to access those options when things get tricky."

Ni-Oh will be released exclusively for Playstation 4 on a date yet to be determined in the present year 2016.