New Gundam Breaker presents its first gameplay trailer

Bandai Namco also teases new details about the video game.

Bandai namco has presented a new trailer, as well as several details, of New Gundam Breaker where in more than five minutes the company tries to show the main attractions of this proposal of a saga known for its intense combat between giant robots brand new in 2018 in Playstation 4.

Production players will be able to build their own Gunplan adapted to their fighting style using pieces collected from enemies during the game: heads, shields, firearms, swords, etc. The novelty comes from being able to equip them immediately from the battlefield.

He has also explained how the confrontations with the bosses will be in arenas defined with the adjective of unique. The story will begin at Gunbre High School, dedicated to helping students master their Gunpla. Finally there will be a competitive cooperative mode three mecha against three.