New Everybody’s Golf is coming with "lots of new stuff"

The sports brand is one of the oldest of the PlayStation brand.

A few months ago we started talking about New Everybody’s Golf the apparently temporary name with which this new installment of one of the most veteran sagas of the PlayStation brand and that is planned for Playstation 4. This time the game is news because we have its first details.

"In this latest installment, we include the opportunity to create and customize your characters, a very robust online mode, and the option to take a walk around the game's golf courses, including the ability to drive a golf cart whenever you want." explain those responsible through the official PlayStation blog, "they explain." New Everybody's Golf will include numerous golf courses in various settings. In addition, instead of automatically appearing on the tee of each hole, you can freely explore the courses, walking around them, looking at the landscape and doing whatever you want. Take a ride in the golf cart, or stop by the lake and try to catch something. You will also see other online players enjoying the game in their own way. "

"Apart from solo play, you can use the PlayStation Network with New Everybody’s Golf to enjoy online modes," they say. "Unlock missions and tasks to earn rewards, play competitive modes and tournaments or even cooperative modes and tournaments. In PSX we show a new team mode in which players try to finish as many holes as they can in a time limit, being the The winning team is the one with the most points ".