Neopolis, the newest from the creators of Eufloria, to launch on PlayStation 4

It is a strategy game with cyberpunk aesthetics.

Strategic action inspired by an anime style close to classics of the cyberpunk like Akira or Ghost in the Shell. This is how the team in charge of Eufloria defines their new work for PlayStation 4, noting that this interesting Neopolis offers an "untraditional approach to strategy games".

It has been decided to abandon classic options such as gathering resources to give the game a more direct style. "We have decided to explore a different path, avoid many of the traditional elements and order the experience to have a more immediate and austere approach, which continues to allow strategy while being accessible to both novice and more experienced players" .

The idea here is conquer the territory enemies to increase the number of troops under your command, as well as the resources with which to manage the empire. Each team has unique abilities, so it will be important to choose well the territories we are going to: depending on this, we will have at our disposal new ways of fighting and defending ourselves.

The team of Omni Systems He has also highlighted the importance of buildings: we can occupy them, as well as vehicles from which we can better defend a position or create ambushes. There will be tanks, cars, motorcycles, spider turrets and other vehicles that can be freely stolen. In buildings, on the other hand, there will be hidden improvements and other mechanisms with which to expand the range of tactical options.

Neopolis will also offer 1 vs 1 multiplayer game options, where it will be necessary to take advantage of more if possible the abilities of the troops to be victorious.