NBA 2K19 renews its trio of commentators in Spain

Daimler, Jorge Quiroga and Sixto Miguel Serrano repeat for the seventh consecutive year.

They do not fail. The trio of commentators who in the last seven years have enlivened the games of the NBA 2K series will once again give voice to the new chapter of the franchise, and they wanted to celebrate the news by narrating on video their experience with the 2K Sports saga.

Antoni Daimiel, Sixto Miguel Serrano and Jorge Quiroga they will comment on basketball games in the expected NBA 2K19, which features 24 hours of audio to commemorate the 20-year history of the basketball simulation franchise.

NBA 2K19 launches on September 11. Its authors recently showed the NBA 2K19 campaign, known as The Way Back, where we will have to achieve glory step by step in the most important basketball league in the world.