Naughty Dog places the diversity of its characters at the height of gameplay, graphics or story

Neil Druckmann assures that his objective is not to move away from the prototype of "heterosexual and Christian white man".

Diversity is something we like in Naughty dog in its latest developments, and one of its main figures, Neil Druckmann, has recently spoken with the portal The Frame about the secrets behind the position taken by the American company regarding giving more space to characters far from the prototypical white man protagonist.

Druckmann assures that "when you make a video game you have to take into account different pillars that you must adjust: graphics, gameplay and history, it is important not to put any one above the other. You must think about how to make everything work together." a new pillar appeared: "diversity, which I consider as important as the other named pillars. I have urged the team to think about it as well and make it one of their top priorities in our games and characters."

On the present trend, blame the leader of the conceptual creation of characters, Ashley swidowski, which is the one that "always challenges me and pressures me to make our protagonists more diverse. She wonders if the characters can be colored or female. I feel like a very modern person, but my typical character is still a heterosexual Christian man" .

Druckman, a Jew, assures that the prototype character described “is still normal for me” and comments that taking this area into account when creating new stories: “It is a real challenge and requires energy to drive away such thoughts. It is important to encourage the artists of the team to follow the same path ”. The latest video game released by Naughty Dog has been Uncharted 4, exclusive to Playstation 4 which arrived in May.