Naughty Dog hopes people laugh and cry when playing Uncharted 4

The team responsible for this series talks in a video about the affinity that exists between the player and the heroes of this series of action adventures.

It is the end of the adventures of Nathan drake and as such, it should be a momentous moment for all those fans who have enjoyed his adventures over the past years. At least that's the intention of Naughty dog as reflected in the last of the development diaries dedicated to Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

"As you play the series, you begin to develop an affinity for the characters and an understanding of their motivations," said the studio's chief artist, Tate Masesian. Therefore, says the creative, his wish is that Uncharted fans get excited and laugh when enjoying this epic action adventure for PlayStation 4.

"I hope people cry when they play it, and I want them to laugh as well," says the creative.