Monster Hunter World Iceborne dates its launch with a spectacular trailer

Snowy environments will be the protagonists in this long-awaited action and role-playing adventure.

Capcom has taken advantage of the most recent State of Play by Sony to publicize the release date Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the long-awaited great content expansion of what was one of the great releases of 2018, which will take us to explore new lands covered by snow and winter cold.

The new episode of the Monster Hunter saga will go on sale next September 6th (a bit later on PC, no confirmed date), and the Japanese have wanted to celebrate the announcement with a spectacular trailer that already lets us see some of the fearsome creatures against which we will have to fight, either alone or with friends thanks to its cooperative multiplayer.

As anticipated at the time, Iceborne will focus its action right after the events of the original video game, leading us to explore new areas and hunt additional monsters to continue improving our equipment and weapons.

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