Monster Hunter World distributes more than 10 million games

This Capcom saga accumulates more than 50 million games distributed around the world.

Released just a few days ago on PC, the fantastic Monster Hunter: World accumulates more than 10 million copies distributed throughout the world. Has confirmed it Capcom, which includes in these figures games sold in digital format.

The news is surprising if we consider that last July the Japanese company responsible for the Street Fighter series announced that its latest great action and role-playing adventure had distributed 8.3 million copies since its launch, on PS4 and Xbox One , at the beginning of this year 2018. Days ago, according to the data published by Steamspy, the possibility was dropped that Monster Hunter: World had sold two million copies on PC, which is a figure that would agree with the data recently presented by Capcom.

With these figures, the Monster Hunter saga has already accumulated more than 50 million games distributed around the world, being one of the most successful franchises today. In a matter of days, the series will grow with the launch in the West of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch, which you can already try thanks to the demo available in the eShop.

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