Miyamoto asked the creator of Star Fox not to work for PlayStation

Dylan Cuthbert wanted to stay at Nintendo but eventually ended up working at PlayStation.

His name may not tell you much but Dylan Cuthbert was one of the main creatives behind the mythical Super Nintendo's Star Fox. His importance was such that Shigeru Miyamoto himself, at that time, asked him not to work with Sony on PlayStation. He did, as the creative has reported on social networks, where he has shared frankly interesting details about his relationship with the Japanese.

"When it was canceled Star fox 2 we participated in a great farewell meal, "says the creative. At that time the father of the Super Mario saga approached him to explain the reasons that led Nintendo to cancel the launch of a video game that had already completed its development." explained that they did not want to be perceived as inferior to PlayStation and Saturn. "

Since the contract between the Argonaut team and Nintendo had come to an end, the creative had to return to the UK, and that was when Miyamoto "regretted" not being able to hire him as Argonaut had already taken measures to avoid that class. of signings. "After marrying a young Japanese woman, Miyamoto told me that I could get me a job at Hal Laboratories next to Satoru Iwata, but Hal was in the middle of nowhere near Monk Fuji, and I loved living in Kyoto. "

Just don't work for a company whose name starts with S "I told him that I would find my own way back to Kyoto, and I had already made contact with other video game companies with Japanese connections, to which he snapped back, 'Just don't work for a company whose name begins with S". Cuthbert had already done that." I was already talking to someone from PlayStation in Foster City. I didn't realize at the time how much shit there was between Sony and Nintendo over the SNES CD Drive! "

Cuthbert ended up working with Sony just six months after that firing. "I feel immense sadness that I could not join Nintendo back then as it would probably be the place I would still work, but I would not give up the Sony years for the world either." In addition, the creative remembers that in 2001 he was able to return to Kyoto with his new studio, Q-Games, and was able to work with Nintendo again on multiple projects.

"Digidrive, StarFox Command, Reflect Missile, X-Returns, Starship Command, StarFox 64 3D and a miyamoto's secret project that did not see the light due to market circumstances ", continues the creative." Someday I would like to work with them again! Never say never. "He concludes. To Cuthbert's delight, with the release of SNES Mini, fans were finally able to enjoy Star Fox 2.

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