Mini-Guide Assassin's Creed Origins: Where to find and how to defeat Anubis

We explain how to overcome the first big event of the new Ubisoft game.

The first of Trials of the Gods is now available, for a limited time, for players to demonstrate their skills as a warrior in Assassin's Creed: Origins. To face Anubis, and not bite the desert dust, during this confrontation, we offer you some practical tips collected on YouTube by a JorRaptor video.

Only players who have completed the main plot of the game will be able to face this challenge, heading to the Sand Sea west of Siwa. The first thing to warn all your players is that this is a very demanding challenge, so to face the God of the Dead, you must be level 30 for Bayek and all your abilities unlocked. It is also recommended to carry the legendary light bow of level 38. It is also recommended to carry a bow that allows you to recover health on hit, since you will receive a lot of damage in this duel.

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Once in the middle of the confrontation, forget about melee and attack the light point of the god's chest using the bow. Recover your arrows with the boots that will fall to the ground during the fight. Carefully avoid the waves of gigantic flaming hyenas that Anubis hurls at you, killing them with a precise shot of your bow or pulling away from them at the last moment to strike them next. When the god's attacks get closer to Bayek, use your swords to get out of the situation.

With patience and skill with the buttons, you can get the desired loot. But hurry, because this test will only be available until November 14, so accumulate all the experience points you can and do not hesitate to measure yourself against a god. If you need some extra advice, be sure to check out our guide to legendary bows and guide to legendary swords, or our guide to achieve a quick level up.