Microsoft remains "optimistic" with the cross-platform between PS4 and Xbox One

This is Aaron Greenberg, one of the marketing bosses of the Xbox division.

The cross-platform between Pc and consoles Nintendo, Sony Y Microsoft is something that the brand after Xbox been chasing for years. With games like Minecraft or Rocket league It seems that the present complex has been broken, but the Japanese behind PlayStation, although they already allow cross-play with computer players, seem to resist their users sharing games with those of Redmond and Kyoto. From North American lands, hope is not lost.

Has explained it Aaron Greenberg, marketing general manager of Microsoft's gaming division, on the American portal Dual Shockers: "We have built the bridge to connect gamers with each other," he said, and said that at Sony "there are good professionals", so trusts that an agreement will be reached soon to share players in works such as Minecraft, with which they already share players with Nintendo.

Regarding his relationship with those in Kyoto, Greenberg recalled that the offices of both companies in the United States are located a few meters away in Washington, hence the negotiation has been easier. The businessman also attributes to the success of the negotiation "his passion for Nintendo products", and emphasizes that Switch it is an "ideal" platform to enjoy a video game like Minecraft.