Microsoft withdraws Windows 10 October update

The update deleted entire file folders without permission.

Microsoft has pulled the handbrake. The Windows 10 October Update, which had been available since last Tuesday, has bundled it. According to many users, the update is responsible for deleting entire file and profile folders without even asking for permission. What is worse, despite returning to the previous version of the OS, the files disappear irretrievably (obviously, there are recovery methods, but they are never entirely effective). To stop the maelstrom, the North American company has decided check out the update.

“We have stopped the update process for Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) for all users while we study the reports of those users who have lost files when updating their system, ”says Microsoft on its support page. The problem appears to have been caught before the bulk update went live. The most interested users could install the package from the October 2nd, but until October 9 it wasn't going to get to the rest automatically. Obviously, suspending the update is not going to comfort those who have already lost their data, but the company has asked those users to call their local customer service office in case it has happened to them.

These kinds of problems are not frequent, but the ones that are frequent are the loss of data due to drive failures or pure human errors. To avoid the bad drink, remember to make backups on external drives, or even in the cloud, of your most important data or anything you want to save. You never know when that storage disk will fail again ... However, there are always signs that indicate when you should change the components of your equipment.

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