Microsoft toughens its codes of conduct on Xbox Live

The changes will take effect from the month of May.

Microsoft has released a summary of changes to the company's service contract in its different assets. Regarding the video game industry, the possibility of seeing Xbox Live accounts blocked and derived from breaching its codes of conduct stands out.

"The use of offensive language and the commission of fraudulent activities are prohibited. It has also been clarified that the violation of the code of conduct in the framework of Xbox services can lead to the suspension or prohibition of participation in such services, which includes the loss of content licenses, the time corresponding to the Xbox Gold subscription and the balance of the Microsoft account associated with the account in question, "they explain on the official website.

If you are interested in learning about the code of conduct, Microsoft Spain has a special section set up for this purpose. The aforementioned changes will take effect as of May 1. The Redmond company signed a few days ago to combat toxicity in video games.