Microsoft highlights support for Xbox Game Pass

Subscribers play longer and with more proposals than other users.

One of the great bets of the video game industry in recent years has been the launch of Xbox Game Pass, a service especially reinforced once it was confirmed that Xbox One exclusives would arrive on Xbox Game Pass as a premiere. On this subject there have been several interviews with Microsoft officials at Gamescom 2018 in Germany, reports where its protagonists have highlighted the support received by users and developers for the platform.

"It is great to see partners like Bethesda supporting the service. Strategically it is extraordinary," said Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing for Xbox One, in a talk with Gamereactor in reference to the landing of Fallout 4. According to his words, the platform will help users to discover proposals, simply looking for "new releases", which they would not otherwise know.

You never know what your next favorite game will be. In fact, the data supports this statement. In another interview with Ben Decker, director of game services at Microsoft, it was reported that Xbox Game Pass subscribers spent 20% more of their time playing, and not just to releases available in the service library. In addition, there has also been a 40% increase in the number of proposals enjoyed by its members. "In Xbox Game Pass you don't have to choose a certain game; you can go from one game to another in the catalog. A player told us that you never know what your next favorite game will be," added Ashley McKissick, director of Xbox Game Pass, on the platform triumph.

Regarding the level of enrollment in the service, Aaron Greenberg highlighted that the fan response it is being very strong, especially in Europe. No specific data was given, but their statements coincide with the rest of the Microsoft members posted to the German fair. "It has far exceeded our expectations. The feedback received from companies and consumers has been very positive. We are delighted," Ben Decker commented again.