Michael Pachter defends that the rumored PS4K would be primarily intended for virtual reality

The rumors and opinions about the possible redesign of a more powerful PlayStation 4 do not stop, and this time they come from the analyst.

Michael Pachter

Yesterday we echoed a new push to the rumor that ensures that Playstation 4 would have a redesign that would make the platform more powerful and that, likewise, would allow 4K resolutions, all under the code name of PS4K. Today Michael Pachter, the well-known and controversial analyst, has given his opinion on all this.

"Yes Sony is trying to make progress with PlayStation VR on the same level as Oculus Rift or Vive, and considering that the GDC has been the PS VR birthday party, it is credible that the Sony staff could be talking about how they plan the PS4 graphics to that are competitive with other devices, "Pachter stated." That does not mean that the new game console requires owners of the old one to throw away their devices, instead it is probably a specific model of virtual reality that allows PS VR to run at 4K'.

He also spoke about how little credible he sees the rumor itself: "I find that to be a reasonable explanation, but the rumor that this information has only been heard by Kotaku employees and no one else is unreasonable," he argued. "There were 27,000 people in the GDC, and apparently only four of them heard comments about that PlayStation 4.5. That to me makes the rumor very unbelievable, and considering that the four of them work at Kotaku it's even harder to believe.